Write It Down.


So I’m blogging again. Why? Because I need to write–and I tend to do it better when I have a purpose and a schedule and something to say. Writing has always been the way I tell my story best. It’s the way I talk to God and practice honesty and communicate the big and important things to the people I love. This blog is an exercise in both story-telling and living into the best version of myself.

I believe that we all have a story worth telling, and I believe that we all have a life full of big, grand moments that are worth capturing on film and on paper and in our memories and in the stories we tell around the dinner table or over a bottle of wine. And that’s why I’m writing. I want to tell my story, and I want to capture the life that is happening just a little too fast. I want to remember these stories so I can carry them with me and pass them along. I want to hold up these moments and days and years as worthy of celebration and writing down—because they are.

If I could be anything in the world, I would be a writer. So why not start now? Pen to paper, fingers to key, spilling the words and stories in the world with vulnerability and courage. Whether or not anyone reads this blog, the words are written down. And that’s the most important thing.


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