Friday Links

Friday Links are a round-up of my favorite posts/videos/projects/photos from around the web.


After a crazy busy week, I am looking forward to a fairly empty and carefree weekend. Time with good friends, football, and a date night with the hubby are all on the agenda.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend! XO

For your weekend reading pleasure:

  • I love this post from Leigh Kramer on truth-telling. Opening up and connecting with other people on a deeper level can be so, so hard, but it is always worth it.
  • This song is my jam. And this video is pure awesomeness. I love Taylor Swift, and the craziness of this video mixed with the best wardrobe ever just makes me love her even more.
  • Shauna Niequist is my favorite writer, and I love her outlook on community, busyness, and giving your best to your home team.  This post speaks so much truth to our struggle with perfectionism and the need for a little less hustle.
  • I’m getting really excited about Christmas—especially Christmas decorating.  The holiday collection from Lindsay Letters is gorgeous and would make an excellent addition to your holiday decor!

*photo credit


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