Weekend Adventures

We had a lovely weekend in Charlotte with some of our favorite people. My husband is a huge NBA guy, so it was a big deal for him to get to a Hornets game–and I’m just a sucker for good friends and good food.  We went with my college roommate and her husband (who just so happen to be our neighbors now), and we had a blast! Despite me being a sick, sniffling mess the entire trip, we had a great time exploring downtown Charlotte, finding delicious places to eat, going to the Hornets game, and stopping by Ikea on the way home.

The older I get, the more I’m finding that relationships require intentionality. They need us to carve out time and energy if they’re going to continue to grow. I’m making more of an effort to create time and space in my too full days to go on adventures and make memories with the people I love, because these are the moments that heal and renew my soul. It’s not as easy as opening my door and walking down the hallway to hers, but in a lot of ways I think it’s even better. And it’s definitely worth it. photo 1 photo 2   photo 5   photo 4


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