The Best Days


We put a lot of weight on tomorrow.

Everything could be different tomorrow.  I’ll get to it tomorrow. Tomorrow could be the best day of my life.

But why are we always holding out for tomorrow?

Obviously we all have those days that no matter how we look at them, twist them around, or spin them, won’t make it onto our best days list: Sick days. Moving days. The day you got dumped. The day you got rejected from your dream school or fired from your dream job. The day your best friend moved away. The day Duke won the national championship. Those days are bad days, no matter what.

But I also think most days—our normal, ordinary days—have the potential to be our best days. But we miss them. We sweep them under a rug and forget about them. Why?

For me, I find that I’m always looking ahead to the next thing.  What’s next? Where’s the next step? What’s bigger and better and more exciting than this season I’m living in right now? Something in me is wired to keep waiting. Something keeps me looking ahead for something better instead of stopping to look around and notice that the life I’m living right this very second is pretty spectacular, too.

I think we all do it. We keep waiting for the big moment—the perfect job, the pivotal relationship, the smaller jean size—so that we can really start living. But when we do that, we miss it. We miss the beauty and sacredness and profound moments that are happening right here in the middle of this seemingly ordinary day. We miss the little glimpses of the divine that are taking place all around us.

This season is all about hurry. It’s about the hustle and bustle of creating the perfect holiday, shopping for gifts, decorating, crowded malls and parking lots, deadlines, and overpacked schedules. But it’s also about gathering around the table for story-telling and prayer and the clinking of glasses. It’s about learning to find joy in giving, in taking care of someone else who needs it more than you do. It’s about twinkling lights that add a little more magic and beauty to our world. It’s about hope and peace and joy and a baby who changed the world. I want to notice that side, too. I don’t want to miss this season because I’m too focused on getting to the next one.

These days, the ones I’m living right now, are my best days, and I want to treat them that way. Give them all my energy and passions, because there’s no point in waiting. Today is already here.

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