A Word for 2015


I love the idea of choosing a word or a theme to carry you through a new year. Resolutions tend to get lost in the hustle and bustle of real life, and the majority of the time I forget about them completely by February. But words are easier—more personal and forgiving. Words are my love language, and I like having something written down that I can meditate on and come back to when I need a reminder about what really matters.

My friend Katie pre-ordered Shauna Niequist’s new devotional for me (best Christmas present EVER!), and as soon as I saw the cover I knew it was going to be my word: Savor.

I love the way it sounds and what it stands for—and it’s something that my soul needs this year. To savor something is to experience and appreciate it fully. It is to allow yourself to take your time, to extract all the beauty and goodness out of something, to take notice of the gifts we’ve been given.

I can admit that my tendency is to rush through life. My default mode is go, go, go and better, better, better. I like to blame it on my excessively Type A personality, but it can be an exhausting and spirit-crushing way to live.  It leaves me cranky and tired and burnt out. I wear my busyness like a badge of honor and that needs to stop, too. Life moves fast—that’s a given—but there’s space for slowing down if we’re willing to create it. In 2015, I want to rush less and be still more. I want to pay attention and listen better and allow my soul to breathe.

Savor suggests a slowing down, but it’s also more than that—it’s about genuinely enjoying your life. My life is full and rich because of the people in it and the opportunities I’ve been given to see things and do things and make a difference. I want to embrace that more. I want to give more of my energy to the people who matter most, to the people who have walked with me and shaped my path. I want to carve out space for more sitting still with a good book and cup of coffee, and I also want to carve out space for more exploring and adventuring and memory making. Most of all, I want to give this season of my life the love it deserves.

My goal for 2015 is to savor my moments, the small ones and the big ones, and to celebrate them fully. Here’s to a new year and all the things it will bring—CHEERS! XO

(Photo via tumblr.com)


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