Friday Links

Friday Links are a round-up of my favorite posts/videos/projects/photos from around the web.

It’s Friday! This has been a little bit of as wacky week with snow and ice and cancellations, but my soul appreciates the rest it brought. This weekend is all about staying inside (it’s SO cold), spending time with friends, and relaxing. Plus, Sunday is one of my favorite nights of the year—the Oscars! I’ll be live tweeting the red carpet, and hosting an Oscars party (because, why not?!?). I hope you all have a wonderful weekend! XO


Β For your weekend reading pleasure…

  • This past Wednesday we entered into the season of Lent. This post from Relevant magazine captures what this season is all about and invites to creates space for God to work in the messiness of our lives. Over time, our hearts and souls, when left unattended, get messy. Lent invites us to deal with the mess. Lent invites us to roll up our sleeves and sort through the debris of our lives.Β 
  • This video on the UNC-Duke rivalry. Even though we lost, the UNC-Duke is always one of my favorite days of the year. I can’t wait for March 7!
  • This super fun faux stained glass project from A Beautiful Mess. It wouldn’t work in every home, but I think it is so cute (and it looks pretty easy). I love a good craft project!

*Photo Credit


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