Called to Create


Every writer has days when she doesn’t feel like writing. Every artist has days when he doesn’t feel like painting or drawing or sculpting. Every musician has days when she doesn’t feel like playing. I get those days. Even those of us who enjoy the creative process have days when we feel dried up. There are days when the notes don’t sound right or you stare painstakingly at a blinking cursor for hours waiting for the right word to come. There are days when there’s just too much else going on—whether it’s dishes or laundry or commitments or meeting that are pulling you away.

There are days when I don’t feel like writing. There are days when I can’t find words to say and fear I have nothing real of value to offer this world. Those are the days I need to pick up a pen the most.

Because this is what I know: I was made in the image of God. By that I don’t mean that I look like God or that God looks like me. What I mean is that the very essence of God is part of my DNA. Who God is at the very center of his being is present within me, too. Who I am—at my very core—is a reflection of my creator.

God exists in community with the persons of the trinity, and we are also made for relationships. We are made to live and walk and worship in community. Our souls ache for the love and friendship and attention of others, because that is how God made us.

God is love incarnate, and so we are made to love. We are called to be the presence of Christ in the world, loving and caring for those who need it most. Our hearts of capable of deep compassion and sacrificial love. That is how God made us.

And God is a creator. God imagined the billions of colors found in sunsets and vast oceans with their dull roar and crashing waves and nights full of bright, twinkling stars that light up the whole world, and then he spoke them into existence. He made humankind with his very hands, from the dust of the earth. God created all that is good and beautiful—he breathed life into it. He is the greatest author, painter, writer, and musician that this world has ever seen. He is a creator. And so are we.

If we are truly made in the very image and likeness of God, then I have to believe that we are called to create. The very God who created the world out of darkness lives within us. He is calling each of us, in a million different ways, to live into the fullness of who we are.

And that is why what you create matters. That is why is matters that you create. Because when we embrace our calling as creators, we become who we were made to be. Art invites us to be a part of God’s story in the world, a part that couldn’t be told any other way. Art speaks truth and beauty and vulnerability into a world that is searching for anything that is honest and real. Art conveys the good news of Jesus’ love and redemption in the most tangible way. Your words, your voice, your sound, your art matters, because they are a part of who God created you to be.

One of my favorite writers, Emily Freeman, says it so well:

We are the mothers, the lovers, the nighttime storytellers. We are the hopers, the fathers, the harmonizers.  We are the visionaries, the silent supporters, the leaders, and the background singers.

We are the servants, the musicians, and the politicians; the waiters, the washers, and the obstetricians.  We are the thinkers and we are the believers.

We are the dust and the brushstroke, the poets and the poetry, the weak empowered, the broken made whole.

We are the mirrors of God on earth, the megaphones of glory, the hands and eyes and hearts of heaven.

We are grieved but not hopeless, brought from darkness into light, given a new name, a new future, a new Power alive within us.

God is the Artist and he has made us.

We are his poem and we will make art.

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