Friday Links

Friday Links are a round-up of my favorite posts/videos/projects/photos from around the web.

photo 3

Hello friends! The sweet man in this picture with Bryan is his Papaw, who passed away this week.  He had been sick for a long time, but knowing that doesn’t make loss any easier. This picture is from last October when we visited his grandparents’ farm in Missouri. Since they live so far away, we don’t get to see them often, and this was my first trip to the farm. That trip was one of the richest parts of our year and such a sweet memory for us. I hope your weekend is full of love, rest, and memory-making! XO

For your weekend reading pleasure…

  • This post from Crystal Stine on uncomplicated friendship.
  • This ice cream that understands the struggles of PMS.
  • This fun photo matting project from A Beautiful Mess. I may need to have some craft time this weekend!
  • This post on creating v. criticizing.
  • What They Never Tell You about marriage from Shawn Smucker.

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