April Reading List

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1. The Language of Flowers by Vanessa Diffenbaugh is a novel about family, flowers, and how we communicate with one another. I honestly loved this book. It took me a while to really get into it, but once I got to know the characters I was hooked. The novel alternates back and forth between the story of a young girl in foster care and that of the woman she becomes.  It is a story of healing, hope, and reconciliation—and along the way you’ll also learn a little something about flowers.

2. The Antelope in the Living Room by Melanie Shankle is a memoir about marriage—and it is HILARIOUS. Melanie’s writing is honest, witty, and laugh out loud funny. The Antelope in the Living Room is a collection of stories about marriage and learning to create a life together (while maintaining your sanity).  I do kind of feel like you might to be married to appreciate this book (or at least be in a long-term relationship), because so much of what makes it good is constantly thinking, “YES! That is SO true!” and bonding over the fact that husbands are gross and weird and completely irreplaceable. Her most recent book is a memoir about friendship, and I’m really looking forward to reading that one, too.

3. The Hypnotist’s Love Story by Liane Moriarty. I discovered Liane Moriarty a few months ago, and I’ve already read every single one of her books (and each one is better than the last). She writes with wit, humor, and insight into human emotions and motivations.  The Hypnotist’s Love Story alternates back and forth between the story of Ellen (a hypnotist who meets and falls in love with a man named Patrick) and Sasika (Patrick’s stalker).  One of the best things about Moriarty is her talent for character development.  She allows readers to really experience the depth of a character, and you’ll find yourself experiencing moments of both deep affection and strong dislike for almost every single character.  Now I just need her to come out with something new!


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