Summer Bucket List


Summer is without-a-doubt my favorite season, and there are always so many things I want to squeeze into these three or four glorious months. Here are a few of the things I’m looking forward to this summer.

What’s on your summer bucket list? 

1. Go to a baseball game.

2. Go on a hike

3. Play in the ocean.

4. Spend a day in the mountains.

5. Go river tubing.

6. Explore a new place.

7. Try a new restaurant.

8. Go to an outdoor concert or movie.

9. Finally attempt to make paella.

10. Have a picnic on the quad in Chapel Hill.

11. Surprise Bryan.

12. Celebrate turning 27 with people I love.

13. Go star gazing.

14. Plan a fun brunch with the girls.

15. Plant an herb garden.

16. Learn something new.

17. Eat outside as often as possible.

18. Host a dinner party.

19. Read at least 5 books.

20. Do something adventurous.


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