July Reading List

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1. The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo. I was really intrigued by this book, and I have to admit that reading it made me super excited about tidying (a.k.a. massive decluttering). Kondo’s writing is both instructive and inspiring, and I enjoyed reading about her process and tips for creating a living space that you love. I did think some of the methods were a little over-the-top (not to mention I could never get my husband on board), but the basic principles behind her methods were really interesting.  The bottom line is to keep only the things that spark joy in your life—that includes clothing, furniture, art, books, and everything else that fills up our spaces and to try to do as much as possible at one time (if you only tidy a little each day then you’ll be tidying forever).

2. The First Wife by Erica Spindler. The First Wife is a mystery thriller about a woman who marries a man she just met and moves back to his hometown, where she slowly starts to piece together the life he led before they met. There’s a lot of good stuff here—it’s suspenseful, surprising, and definitely a page turner. I didn’t think the writing was that spectacular, but if you love mysteries, it’s the perfect easy, summer read!


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