Keeping the Sabbath


In observing the Sabbath, one is both giving a gift to God and imitating him.

-Lauren F. Winner

I’m taking a few minutes in my office this morning to keep the Sabbath—no emails, no phone calls, no noise. My door is closed, and I’m letting myself just be still. I haven’t done much of that lately, and I am beginning to feel it in my soul. The other day I told Bryan that I just felt heavy—like I was carrying around the weight and stress and busyness of my day wherever I went. I told him that I couldn’t seem to put it down, but the truth is that I was choosing to carry it around with me. I wasn’t willing to let it go. I wasn’t giving myself the space to disconnect, and so today I am. It may be only a few minutes, but it’s a start. Β It’s a Sabbath for today.

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