Currently: September


Reading: The Fringe Hours by Jessica M. Turner. Turner talks about the importance of making time for yourself and the things that nourish your soul.  There is a lot about this book that is making me rethink the way I spend my time and how I prioritize what I do each day, but there are a few things I’m struggling with, too. More on that later!

Listening: Nichole Nordeman/The Unmaking. Just fantastic.

Crafting: All things fall! I’ve been in the mood to craft lately, so I’ve been working on some fall decor for our home. So far I’ve done a few prints, some pumpkins, and a fun garland for our mantle. What are your favorite fall crafts?

Learning: Gratitude. August was a difficult month for a lot of reasons.We had a lot going on personally, and August just happens to be the hardest month of my year at work every year.  Experiencing joy in the midst of a busy, crazy season has a lot to with practicing gratitude. I am always trying to learn how to slow down and be more intentional about thankfulness, and fall seems like the perfect time to practice that skill!

Anticipating: Fall! I wouldn’t consider myself a huge fan of fall (I hate all things pumpkin flavored), but this year I’m really excited about it. Football season, cool weather, changing colors, boots, cozy sweaters, and fall crafting! Now I’m just wondering when I can start decorating…

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