Wish It Away


Wish it away. How much of our lives do we spend doing exactly that? Wishing for the work day to be over. Wishing to get through the traffic so we can finally get home and relax. Wishing for Friday. Wishing for vacation. Wishing, wishing, wishing.

Today I’m sitting at my desk listening to music and working on my lesson for the class I’m teaching on Wednesday evenings, and I keep finding myself staring out the window at the glorious, glorious sunshine. It’s been rain and clouds and gray around here for WEEKS, and the sunshine is doing wonders for my soul today. It’s helping me slow down, be present, be grateful.

It’s so easy to wish it away—to just get through our days. I catch myself doing this all the time, especially in these busy, chaotic seasons where the work seems to never end and everyone is in a hurry.  I find myself wishing for the weekend so I can get some sleep or for the holidays to arrive so I can have a few days at home with my family.  But the thing is our days turn into our lives, and I don’t want to just get through my life. I want to make the choice to soak it up instead of wish it away. I want to be present to every moment of my life. I want to soak up the simple, normal, subtly sweet moments of my days instead of pushing through to something that looks better from a distance.

One of my favorite things about this time of year is the emphasis on gratitude and intentionally offering thanks for the gifts in our lives. I certainly have a lot of big things to be thankful for—things like my family, friends that love me well and tell me the truth, work that is good and rewarding, seasons of growth and change, creativity, and a place to call home. But I also know there are good things to be celebrated in the ordinary, too. Smaller things, maybe, but no less worthy of my gratitude. Things like stories shared over cups of coffee and my favorite song playing on the radio.  Things like good food and laughter and dancing in the kitchen. And things like sunshine streaming into the room after a week of rain. And I don’t want to wish it away.

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