February Reading List



  1. After You by Jojo Moyes. After You is the much-anticipated sequel to Me Before You, which I just absolutely LOVED. In After You, the main character attempts to navigate life after losing the man she loves. It’s a really beautiful story about relationships, healing and learning to stand on your own two feet, but it just didn’t give me the feels like Me Before You. It’s a great book, but it just doesn’t compare to the original for me.
  2. I Am Having So Much Fun Here Without You by Courtney Maum. I had seen this novel recommended over and over again, but really didn’t think it was going to be my kind of book. I Am Having So Much Fun Here Without You is a novel about an artist who attempts to win back the love and affection of his wife following an affair. I found the storyline to be a little depressing (obviously), and the characters weren’t all that likable (especially the protagonist—he was pretty repulsive, actually). Still, something about this book kept me reading. The writing was smart, and she had me engaged until the very end. I can’t say I loved this book, but it was definitely interesting.
  3. The Divorce Party by Laura Dave. I read this book while I was in Jamaica, and it’s the perfect easy read for a day at the beach. The novel follows two love stories, one ending and one just beginning, and all the emotions, secrets, and trials they encounter along the way. It’s definitely chick lit—easy, enjoyable, and not too complicated. Β Just what you want for a day on the beach!

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