23 Wedding Moments I Hope I Remember Forever

This week Bryan and I celebrate our third wedding anniversary, so today I’m sharing a few precious memories from the day we said our vows. These are just a few of the moments I hope I remember forever….

1. Playing catchphrase with my bridesmaid while we waited for the ceremony to begin.

2. Almost running into Bryan in the hallway before the wedding—he covered his eyes with his hands so he wouldn’t see me in my dress and asked if I wanted to get married later

3. Reading the letter he wrote me—his vows to me on paper.

4. My Memaw coming in to see me while I was getting ready.


5. The nervous flutter in my stomach right before the doors opened.

6. Bryan’s face—scared and happy and familiar.

7. When I got to the end of the aisle and he leaned over and whispered, “You look really pretty.”

8. My dad’s word to us about what it means to be a family.


9. Our adorable ring bearer rolling around on the floor throughout the entire ceremony.

10. Two readings—Shakepeare and Ruth—and how perfectly they fit.

11. Our friend TJ killing All Creatures of Our God and King on his guitar.

12. The moment of pure bliss when we walked out of the church and it hit us—we were married.


13. Walking into our reception and seeing the most important people in our lives all in one place.

14. Dancing to Mumford and Sons and laughing when Bryan stepped on my feet.

15. My Dad starting to cry during our Father/Daughter dance.


16. Champagne and a Carolina blue wedding cake.

17. Bryan’s college roommates dancing to the theme song from Free Willy.

18. My sister catching the bouquet.

19. Screaming Taylor Swift lyrics at the top of my lungs with my best friends.

20. The fact that our reception turned into the best dance party EVER.


21. Groans from all our guests when the DJ announced that it was the last song.

22. Putting my head on Bryan’s chest during our last dance—so happy and so thankful for the celebration of the life we were about to start.

23. Running through a tunnel of sparklers, hand in hand with my new husband.



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