May Reading List

  1. A Paris Apartment by Michelle Gable. I actually started reading this book in Paris, and it was fun to read about some of the places I was seeing and the language I was hearing all around me. Still, I have to say that this book was not one of my favorites. It is about a continental furniture specialist who travels to Paris to see an apartment that has been locked up for seventy years.  In addition to a world of treasures, she also uncovers the journals of the woman who lived there. The novel alternates between 19th century Paris (the journal entries) and modern day.  The diary entries were interesting, but other than that the book kind of fell flat for me. Overall, just not that great.
  2. The Mysterious Benedict Society by Trenton Lee Stewart. I’m a huge fan of children’s literature, and I love reading books that remind me of why I love to read in the first place. The Mysterious Benedict Society is a book for kids…and it’s fantastic. The novel is about four children who find themselves a part of a very strange club and an amazing adventure. It has all the good stuff—fantasy, heart, intrigue, mystery, and a beautiful story about what it means to be a friend. I’ll be reading the other books in the series soon!

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