Paris Is Always A Good Idea

My family set off on a European adventure last week, and we had the most wonderful time! We spent most of the week in Italy, but we did have a couple of days at the beginning of the trip in Paris. Oh, Paris…I adore you so much. I had never been to France before this trip, but I fell in love with Paris immediately. Everything there is beautiful, and the food…I can’t even talk about the food right now.

Our hotel was right by Tuileries, so we spent our first few hours in Paris wandering through the gardens.


After that we headed to lunch on the Rue Cler, and I had the most amazing crock monsieur. From there we saw the Eiffel Tower and Arc de Triomphe. Β Let me just say—the Eiffel Tower is NOT overrated. It was incredible….even more so all sparkly and lit up at night!


The next day we started the morning at the Louvre. That place is INSANE. We had a tour guide for the first couple hours, which was the best thing we could have done. As soon as she left, we were completely lost. That place is no joke.


We spent the rest of the day exploring the city—Notre Dame, Pont de Arts, Montmartre, and then finished our brief visit to Paris with the most delicious steak frites of. my. life.


Paris is always a good idea, indeed.




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