Rome was the last stop on our European adventure. It was a whirlwind day…we took the train in from Florence that morning and had just one day to see everything we wanted to see in the city.  We started the morning at the Colosseum.  Rome is the only Italian city I had visited before this trip, so I had seen a lot of the famous sites before. However, the Colosseum is one of those things that is pretty darn impressive no matter how many times you’ve seen it…


Rome was CROWDED….way more so than the last time I was there, so it was a bit of adventure just trying to get from place to place.  We spent most of the day doing our best to make it to all the major tourist attractions, including stopping to see Papa Frank.


We also made a wish in  the Trevi fountain….


Fun fact: the last time I was in Rome was during my study abroad trip in college, and I made a BIG wish in the Trevi fountain and it came true! But just to be safe I can’t reveal what I wished for then…and I definitely can’t say what I wished for this time!

Ah, to be young….


That night we had a delicious dinner on the rooftop of our hotel, and the next morning it was time to go home. I am so thankful for this incredible trip with my family…and I CANNOT wait for our next adventure!




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