On Birthdays


Birthdays are such a lovely marker of time. Most of the time we’re too busy to notice the way time is passing around us, the way we’re changing and growing each day. But turning another year older causes you to pause and think back on where you’ve been and how you’ve grown. 27 brought with it a lot of transition—a new job, new environment, new friends. We also celebrated three years of marriage and traveled all over the world. I became a better cook and watched an absurd amount of Parenthood and Gilmore Girls. I read books that changed the way I see God and the world and had countless conversations over cups of coffee and glasses of wine that left my soul nourished and my heart full.  I celebrated marriages and new babies and graduations and birthdays and holidays. And I mourned losses and dreams that never came true. I prayed for peace and healing and grace. I discovered new things about myself, and I changed.

Tomorrow I turn 28, and it feels significant in the way that all new beginnings do.  I’m ushering in a new year that’s full of hope and unpredictability and lessons to be learned.  I’m ushering in a new year that promises to be different from all the rest, because they all are—each year unique and noteworthy and full of surprises.

So here’s to you, 28. I can’t wait to see what you have in store for me!


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