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Friday Links are a round-up of my favorite posts/photos/projects/videos from around the web. 


Happy Friday! I’ve been in Atlanta this week at an orientation for the CBF Fellows program for young ministers.  It has been a wonderful and exhausting week, and I’m excited to share more about what I learned there. As for now, I’m prepping for a very busy and work-filled weekend. I suppose that’s just the way it goes sometimes. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend! XO

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On Showing Up


When you think about your day-to-day life, what are the words than come to mind? If you’re anything like me (and from what I can tell, anything like most people), these words strike a chord: busy, hectic, chaotic, exhausting, FULL. And that’s why I’m finding over and over again that one of the greatest marks of friendship is simply showing up.

Last week three of my friends and I met for dinner on a Thursday night.  It wasn’t a special occasion or a celebration of any sort. We had all had long workdays and even longer weeks. I’m certain that all of us thought about cancelling at some point during the day.  We were tired and overextended.  I’m sure that each one of us could have used a night off and a night in. But I’m just as sure that we needed each other more.

And so we showed up.  We drove 30 minutes in traffic to downtown Raleigh and caught up on life over glasses of wine and plates of risotto.  We talked about work and relationships and the most recent episode of Bachelor in Paradise. We listened and laughed and left feeling lighter than we did when we arrived. We showed up when it was easier not to, and it made all the difference.

It’s easy, of course, to show up for the big things.  We commit to being there for weddings and parties and births. But I think it means so much more when we show up for the small things—midweek dinners and coffee dates and “just because” visits. Those are the moments that remind us how rich relationships really are and how valuable it can be to know that there is someone who we can count on no matter what.

I want to make it a priority to show up for my people. I want to be intentional about investing in those relationships, because I know they are what will help sustain me in the long run. And I want to make sure I say thank you when people show up for me—what an incredible, life-giving gift.



August Reading List

  1. The Singles Game by Lauren Weisberger. I have a HUGE stack of new novels on my nightstand right now, so I have been flying through books. The Singles Game by Lauren Weisberger was an easy read, but it wasn’t my favorite book that she’s written.  It follows the life of a professional tennis star as she comes back from an injury with a new coach and a new boyfriend. It was interesting, but I was never blown away by it. The worst part for me was the ending. It was one of those where you’re not supposed to care about the outcome of the final match because she found herself, happiness, love, blah, blah, blah. I just want to know who wins!
  2. The Nest by Cynthia D’Aprix Sweeney. Obviously, this book has been huge for months now, so I was really excited to read it. The Nest follows the lives of four highly dysfunctional siblings living in NYC and the tension that surrounds them concerning the existence of (or lack thereof) the “nest” (i.e. their inheritance).  At first I wasn’t sure I was going to like this book. None of the siblings are particularly likable, but I found myself addicted to their dysfunction. I cared about what happened to them and their relationships with one another. Sweeney is also just an excellent writer. By the last third of the book, I couldn’t put it down. And I loved the ending of this one!

Friday Links

Friday Links are a round-up of my favorite posts/projects/photos/videos from around the web.


Hello friends! It has been a FULL week around here, and I. am. tired. Thankfully, I plan to remedy that with some time at the lake with dear friends this weekend.  There’s nothing like sunshine, boats, and people you love to help you get ready for another week. I hope you all have a fabulous weekend, too! XO

For your weekend reading pleasure…

New York, New York

Bryan and I went on a mission trip a couple weeks ago with our church’s youth group to New York City.  Trying to survive in the middle of Manhattan with teenagers was equal parts hilarious and terrifying.  They spent a good chunk of their time dabbing and playing Pokemon Go, but they also worked incredibly hard to serve people in Jesus’ name during our time there.


We also made time to have some fun while we were there. We explored Central Park, ate delicious food in Chinatown, and saw the 9/11 memorial.


Other highlights included a Yankees game, keeping 19 teenagers alive and out of trouble in Times Square, and worshipping at Hillsong NYC. It was a wonderful trip!


Currently: August



Reading: The Singles Game by Lauren Weisberger. Last week was really exciting because I got this one AND Liane Moriarty’s new novel was released.  More to come on both of these!

Watching: Bryan and I finished binging My Crazy Ex-Girlfriend on Netflix last week, and it was HILARIOUS. We just started Difficult People on Hulu, and it’s pretty funny, too—just a little more inappropriate. I love having a quick, funny show to watch with my hubby at the end of the day. Any recommendations for what we should watch next?

Anticipating: A girls’ weekend in October! I know it’s far away (really, really far away), but I am so excited for the girls’ weekend my friends and I are planning. My college roommates and I figured out that this year marks ten years of friendship, and we figured that is worthy of celebration. We’ve started booking hotels and plane tickets, and I’m so excited for a fun weekend in the sun with my favorite people in the whole world.

Planning: SO MANY CHURCH THINGS. Y’all, my calendar for August, September, and October is out of control.  We’ve got a huge kick-off event, retreats, meetings, Promotion Sunday, special classes, trainings, family events, and about a bazillion other things coming up. I have to-do lists everywhere and not nearly enough coffee.  They are all wonderful things, so I’m excited—but I’m already planning my spa day in November!

Loving: Soaking up the last few days of summer! We’re taking in as many baseball games, lake days, and ice cream cones as possible before life kicks back into full gear come September. What do you still need to check off your summer bucket list?


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