The Art of Balance


Hello friends! I know things have been pretty quiet around here lately.  September has been a crazy, busy, hustle-to-get-it-all-done kind of month. (And we’re barely at the halfway point—that can’t be right, can it?) I’ve been moving at full speed this month. Work has taken over all of my everything, and I’ve been struggling with rest. I’m tired and my house is a mess and I can’t remember the last time my husband and I spent more than an hour  or two together without our phones or computers. Life gets crazy, people. But you know that, of course.

I think we all struggle with this thing called balance.  How do we make it all work? How do we fit everything in? How do we care for ourselves and our relationships while also doing the work that has to get done?

The important thing to remember is that it’s all important. The Christian life is a sacred balance of both work and rest. Life cannot be all rest, but Jesus still calls us to stop, to be still, and to be present with him. We are to honor the Sabbath and keep it holy. We are to set aside time for worship and stillness and rest. It is essential to our faith and to our lives.

And we are also called to do the work—to go, preach, love, and care. We are to work as if working for the Lord, which to me means doing my very best with what God has given me. I want to say yes to helping, and I want to do things that matter to the kingdom of God. The work I do matters greatly to me—this busy, sometimes crazy and exhausting work feels important to me. And I believe it matters to God.

There’s a balance to be found there, I think.  There’s a lot of pressure on all of us to do more, to be endlessly and relentlessly productive. But when we never stop, we miss opportunities for the connection and creativity and peace that comes with good rest. And when we rest well, we are better able to go and do good, holy, important work.  We work with more passion and commitment.  We serve out of a deep desire to do God’s work instead out of a well that continues to run dry.

Balance is an art, yes, and it’s also a discipline. It’s a rhythm and a way of living that requires practice, dedication, and patience.

The past few weeks for me have been about the work. So I’m choosing in these next few days to take time to rest. I’m choosing to let some things go undone. I’m choosing to go to bed earlier and wait to answer just one more email until the morning. I’m choosing books and coffee and conversations over an endless to-do list. I’m choosing to do the things that need to be done without piling more on. I’m choosing balance. And my soul is grateful.

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