2016 Christmas Bucket List


Ready or not…it’s time for Christmas! Tomorrow is the first day of December (how in the world?!?), so I’m sharing some of the things we have on our bucket list this season. Β What are you looking forward to doing with your family this Christmas?

  • Bake Christmas cookies.
  • Watch all of our favorite Christmas movies (Home Alone, The Holiday, Love Actually, Elf, Miracle on 34th Street, etc.)
  • Pick out and decorate our tree together.
  • Take Christmas pictures with Finley.
  • Go see a Christmas show.
  • Have a date night and shop for stocking stuffers.
  • Listen to Christmas music every night while we make dinner.
  • Take a Christmas lights tour around town.
  • Go sledding (come on, snow!!!).
  • Sign up for an Angel Tree child.
  • Make some Christmas crafts.
  • Try a new holiday recipe.
  • Start some Christmas traditions in our new home.
  • Less busy, more time together.

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