Friday Links

Friday Links are a round-up of my favorite posts/videos/projects/photos from around the web.


Happy Friday, friends! So our weekend is about one thing and one thing only: basketball! The first weekend of March Madness is basketball 24/7, but we’re also throwing in some time with family and a friend’s birthday party on Saturday. It’s a lot to pack into three days, but I couldn’t be more thrilled that Friday is here. Happy Weekend! XO

For your weekend reading pleasure…

  • This advice for young writers from The New Yorker. Never forget that the truest luxury is imagination, and that being a writer gives you the leeway to exploit all of the imagination’s curious intricacies, to be what you were, what you are, what you will be, and what everyone else is or will be, too. 
  • This hilarious interview with preschoolers on how to fill out your NCAA tournament bracket. The kid who picked the Tar Heels to win it all is my new best friend.
  • This post by Lynne Hybels on peace, prayer, and becoming like Christ.
  • These words from Nancy Ortberg—Dear Women: There Are Many Ways To Live a Good Life.